What we do

We believe we have some pretty awesome tees, and while tees are the focus, you can get the designs on other things too. We don't have focus groups or anything - pretty much anything that makes us laugh or chortle in our heads our out loud, we'll put on a tee or mug (like the sexy ham). We put out some designs that we'd want to wear and hope you'd agree with us.

What's with the name?

Thinking back to childhood, we lived for one day - Saturday. A full day of rest that started with a bowl of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons (back before there was an entire channel devoted to cartoons, before you could hop on YouTube and watch whatever you wanted). Carefree. A day of excitement. Hanging with friends (once the live action TV started). Maybe you had similar positive feelings, cartoons or not. Either way, this brand is the culmination and outward expression of what was sparked in those early Saturday mornings, so while you should carpe the heck out of every day, there's something special about Saturdiem.

Our Story

Typical boy meets cartoons (and Garbage Pail Kids, MAD magazine, comic books, toys, video games, etc) story. Boy grows up to want to be a marine biologist but ends up in art school. Boy ends up designing for brands like Disney, Target, American Greetings, Crayola and so on. Boy decides he wants to design his own tees. That brings us to the present. Boy is also known as Muddybeats and has a blog he rarely updates - www.idothedirtywork.blogspot.com.